Cellular Health

Cellular health is characterized by active cellular function (intracellular health) and active intercellular communications (intercellular health).
The cellular health is manifested as all kinds of healthy features of an individual that are recognized as overall health, youth and beauty.

Cellular Nutrient

Cellular stress is accelerated by the vicious cycle created by chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and circulatory dysfunction. Such state, unless properly released, destroys the normal metabolism and accelerates aging process, eventually manifesting various chronic and degenerative diseases.


Based on numerous researches conducted by scientists around the world, the healing effects of Seanol®and its componenet eckols are proposed to be the result of "cellular health" induced by the synergistic action of their pro-circulatory and antioxidant activities.

Natural Healing

In many clinical studies as well as in numerous daily applications by the people worldwide , Seanol® and its componenet eckols has been demonstrated to provide unprecedented benefits in various areas of health and beauty with a truly healing fashion.

This trademarked logo on the product label indicates that an algae extract, brown algae extract, brown algae polyphenol, Ecklonia cava extract, Ecklonia cava phlorotannin, Ecklonia cava polyphenol, marine polyphenol, seaweed extract or sea polyphenol in the product is produced by the authentic Seanol®Technology of Botamedi Inc.



Blood circulates in every corner of our body and plays an indispensable role in nourishing cells and treating waste products.


However, under an aging or stressful environment, the quality of blood deteriorates and the circulation becomes slow, leading to lowering the body's natural healing power.
As a result, the quality of life deteriorates with various degenerative symptoms.


Natural nutrients (based on the oriental medicine principles) that promote the production of high-quality blood, together with Seanol®, a multifunctional sea polyphenol that purifies blood and helps the circulation, realize the patented formula of for Mega-Q.


(International filing: WO 2012/096475, Korean patent registration# 1012668890000; Chinese patent registration# ZL201280005658.0)



Fish Collagen Powder, Fermented Brown Algae Extract, Aquacal(Seaweed Calcium), Algae Extract, Flax Seed Extract Powder, Soybean Lecithin Powder, DL-Malic Acid, Aloe Vera Gel Powder (FD), Magnesium Oxide, Heme iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1




















Seanol® is registered tradmark of Botamedi Group that represents "Dietary Phlorotannins" from algae and the related technology.


The source of phlorotannins is a place where mystery and science come together, the ocean. For centuries the ocean held a secret known only to a few fortunate divers. There are places where exotic fish seem almost to cavort in the sea, playing and dancing with delight and energy not seen in other parts of the ocean.


For decades, marine ecologists studied this intriguing but highly localized phenomenon. What was it about these places? Scientists found that those seemingly magical places have a scientific explanation. These locations are literally underwater forests of certain types of brown algae characterized by thick golden leaves waving vigorously with the currents. Not surprisingly, the fish find there an ideal habitat providing shelter and nourishment.


But the truly unique discovery of these special places is that as the currents rhythmically sway the golden marine leaves, they release minute amount of certain molecules into their cell wall. These unique, and completely natural molecules, protect the nearby life forms from harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

These molecules were isolated and identified by chemists in the early 1980's to be unique polyphenols called "phlorotannins". .






The Seanol®-brand algae extracts, no matter how they are called (Ecklonia cava extract, brown algae extract, seaweed extract, sea polyphenol, marine polyphenol, etc), is a rich source of a special class of health-supporting phlorotannins. It is exclusively manufactured by Botamedi Inc (Jeju, S. Korea) and is the only Ecklonia cava extract authorized by the US FDA as a new dietary ingredient.



Since 2001 up to present, hundreds of health-supporting scientific evidences of phlorotannins have been discovered.
In 2005, a standardization and industrial-scale production of these special polyphenols from brown algae was realized for the first time by Livechem Inc (now, Botamedi Inc) and registered under the brand name "Seanol®".



Seapolynol® is registered trade name of Botamedi Inc. that represents a dietary ingredient with >95% purity plorotannins extracted from Ecklonia cava (100%). In 2008, US FDA thoroughly reviewed the safety aspects, and authorized the use of the Ecklonia cava extract that meets the specification of Seanol technology as a new dietary ingredient (NDI).



Scientific studies on the physiological activity of Seanol® and its phlorotannin components have been carried out over 16 years by 20+ research institutes worldwide.
Over 200 scientific researches indicate Seanol® is truly a healthful nutrient for body's natural healing power that lowers cellular stress and enhances cellular health.





During the past two decades, we have been dedicated to developing a nutritional technology based on natural ingredients from land and sea to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from chronic degenerative symptoms as well as those under stressful conditions.


During the development, we have come to understand that the fundamental way to enhance one’s quality of life is to “re-ease” the “dis-eased” state of our body, and this requires reactivation of our inherent natural healing power.


Our team of scientists has made huge efforts and find a key ingredient from the sea to initiate such reactivation process, which is now called “Seanol®”. Since the discovery, the scientists have been dedicated to understanding the fascinating physics and chemistry of how Seanol® reduces the cellular stress and helps the delivery of cellular nutrients, which eventually leads to reactivation of natural healing power.


We will keep working hard to develop and deliver the nutritional solutions that enhance the natural healing power and thus the quality of life of human beings.


Chronic degenerative symptoms are caused by the accumulation of complex risk factors that cause cellular stress and impair body's natural healing power. For a fundamental improvement of quality of life out of such conditions, it is important to supply an appropriate set of natural nutrients with diverse physiological activities that help restore natural healing power.


We seek to maximize the natural healing power through development of exclusive nutritional formula based on Seanol® that have been proven through numerous scientific research on its multifunctional physiological activities.





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